ING2K: company presentation

Created in 2017, ING2K is a company specializes in turnkey construction and renovation of professional buildings.
Our expertise in commercial real estate is rooted in the experience of the European group E2K
a major player in professional construction in Italy since the 2000s. The company's development has spread throughout Europe, with a presence in France, Germany and Romania.

Whatever the nature and size of your project, ING2K can support you every step of the way.

We are organized into independent national entities to manage our projects according to the local regulatory and technical environment, with local partnership quality partnership. Our French structure is based in the Lyon metropolitan area and operates throughout France.


We support you in the construction, renovation or extension of industrial, logistics and tertiary sites. Depending on your needs, our structure enables us to act as developer, general contractor,general contractor, project manager or project management assistant.


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Our skills

Classified installations for environmental protection: ICPE


Installations classified for environmental protection are subject to specific and sometimes complex requirements. Our knowledge of ICPE regulations regulations enables us to support our customers from the design phase of a project right through to the construction of a facility that complies with all applicable regulations.


Establishments open to the public: ERP


Whatever the category of your establishment, ING2K can help you design and build a layout that is both functional and compliant with ERP regulations regulations.


Zone concerned by a technological risk prevention plan: PPRT


Where possible, the construction of commercial buildings in zones affected by a PPRT is subject to a number of requirements and measures to protect people. and measures to protect people.

To bring your project to fruition, we seek technical and economic solutions tailored to the risks to which your structure is exposed.


Intralogistics processes


ING2K can help you optimize your storage space with a tailor-made customized design of high-performance intralogistics processes. We offer automated solutions perfectly adapted to the configuration of your premises, to simplify the day-to-day management of your goods flows.


Specific projects


Our experience in the realization of complex projects enables us today to help you bring the most specific and technical operations to fruition: XXL platforms, multi-temperature multi-temperature buildingsmulti-temperature buildings occupied sites or multi-level multi-level logistics facilities.


Site maintenance


Once your project has been delivered, ING2K can continue to support you with a maintenance service for your installations, whatever the type of project.

Our methods

Land search and prospecting

We keep a close eye on available land for sale and mobilize our network to help you in your search.

Feasibility studies

We do our utmost to match your specifications with every aspect of your real estate project.

Architectural and technical design

We design your project to optimize its functionality,
architectural and environmental qualities.

Administrative authorizations

We work with you to draw up all the
the administrative paperwork required to obtain your permits. 

Turnkey construction

We offer complete design and build solutions. ING2K is your single point of contact throughout the project.

Certifications and commissioning

We support you in obtaining environmental certification and guarantee the perfect completion of our buildings.

Our values


We meet your company's growth needs, always respecting your financial requirements and environmental regulations .


To add value to your professional building, we want to involve you in the design process in a transparent way.


Costs, lead times, architectural preferences or functional requirements :
every one of your constraints becomes ours.


We are convinced that effective collaboration requires alimited number of contacts and smooth communication.