Tailor-made design for your commercial building

Whether for offices, training centers, head offices or administrative premises associated with a production facility, we design and build all types of tertiary buildings.

We take a close look at your values, your history and your graphic charter, so that we can offer you a design that perfectly reflects your brand image.

The architecture and interior fittings of your building are designed to meet all your requirements: functional, aesthetic, budgetary, social and environmental.

Our ambition is to support you in the design of high-quality commercial premises that are both a
"for your company and a pleasant place to live for your employees.

Construction and renovation of your office buildings with ING2K

We offer turnkey solutions for the construction of your commercial premises thanks to all trades management of your project. During the construction phase, a single point of contact dedicated to your project ensures personalized follow-up to simplify project management.

During renovation projects, we can intervene in complete safety on occupied sites, enabling you to continue your business while the work progresses.

We are committed to minimizing site disturbance for your employees, and organize our work schedule to meet your functional requirements (phasing of work or staggered working hours).  

As the aesthetic dimension is quite characteristic of office spaces, particular attention is paid to site cleanliness and the quality of finishes. To meet this quality requirement, we surround ourselves with competent and reliable partner companies. We also ensure a strong presence on our sites during the construction phase.

Modularity, connectivity and energy performance for commercial buildings

The tertiary sector is undergoing a number of changes, including nomadic working habits, ever more efficient technologies and the quest for energy efficiency.

Because we want your premises to support you effectively and over the long term, we design high-performance commercial buildings that can grow with your business.

We favor modular layouts (that can be easily adapted without major work) and connected systems for flexibility and ease of use on a daily basis.

The notion of economic profitability is also an integral part of this approach. The construction or renovation of your commercial building represents a financial investment of which we are fully aware.

That's why we do our utmost to offer you optimal operation of your facility over the long term and control your day-to-day operating costs (energy consumption).

A healthy and pleasant working environment

Business premises are no longer just "simple" workspaces.

They truly represent living spaces for the people who work there every day.

The interior layout of the premises and the quality of the equipment used are aspects of your project to which we attach great importance. They play an active role in a positive image of your company while improve working conditions of your employees.

We are convinced that productivity and involvement are intimately linked to their sense of well-being sense of well-being at work. That's why we study essential aspects of your office layout: thermal and acoustic comfort, indoor air quality, access to natural light, green spaces and the creation of pleasant, convivial areas.